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Red, White & Belews Farm

We look forward to Tuesdays now because we love doing our #TuesdayTeamUp! This week we are featuring Red, White & Belews Farm, owned by Rebecca and Jason Meyer. Before we dive into their products, here is a little about their family:


Jason and Rebecca originally met in high school at the pool, but were too shy to talk! 6 years later, Rebecca was lifeguarding at the same pool and Jason ditched his friends to chat with her. The rest is history! Their twins, Levi and Ruby, are huge helpers around the farm and adore the animals.  Speaking of animals, Rebecca grew up with chickens, horses and bunnies. Jason didn’t grow up with any farm animals! So why goats?

When you own 27 acres, it becomes a lot to maintain. Jason talked Rebecca into dairy goats (they couldn’t bear the thought of raising meat goats) so they didn’t have to mow, and now they have 11 goats, 2 guard llamas, and several chickens!

Some fun facts:

Katharine and Rebecca have been friends since Kindergarten.

If you know Mrs. Walker (she taught Kindergarten at Piney Grove Elementary), Rebecca is her daughter.

Mrs. Walker was Aaron‘s Kindergarten teacher!

Needless to say, we adore Red, White & Belews Farm and the family behind it!



Here is a throwback to Ellie’s first encounter with goats. Rebecca and Jason were kind enough to let us stop by and visit Red, White & Belews Farm when we purchased our first bar of soap over 2 years ago.  Ellie has struggled with eczema since birth, and we tried aveeno, cetaphil, and other “gentle” baby soaps with little improvement. After researching goat’s milk soap, we gave it a try. Within a few weeks, Ellie’s skin was completely clear and she hasn’t had an issue with eczema since switching to goat’s milk soap!  It really can restore your skin. It’s safe for all ages, even newborns. They make unscented versions as well as oatmeal bars.








Red, White & Belews Farm‘s goat’s milk soap isn’t just for humans. It’s gentle enough for dogs, too! Their pet bars are unscented and the perfect size to fit in your hand while you lather your pup. They are free from harmful chemicals, so you can have peace of mind while bathing your fur baby!






Recently, Red, White & Belews Farm has branched out from soap.  They’ve started making Goat’s Milk CHAPSTICK! It is buttery smooth going on, and comes in fun scents. Ours is chocolate orange, and we LOVE it! This chapstick keeps your lips silky smooth.








Red, White & Belews Farm‘s newest product is Goat’s Milk LOTION! As I mentioned earlier, Ellie struggled with eczema before we started using goat’s milk soap. We also switched to Goat’s milk lotion to keep her skin moisturized. Obviously we were THRILLED to hear we can now buy our Goat’s Milk Lotion locally! We purchased an unscented bottle and it’s as good as the brand name we were using.

Goat’s Milk Lotion is also great if you have keratosis pillars (or small bumps) on the back of your arms or other places. Just a month or so of Goat’s Milk Lotion paired with Goat’s Milk Soap, and it improved significantly!







If we’ve convinced you that you HAVE to try some of Red, White & Belews Farm‘s products, you’re probably wondering how to get them! There are a few ways:

1) Kernersville Pharmacy has a display in their store, if you’d like to smell them before selecting a scent.

2) Message them on facebook or instagram

3) Go to their online store and order:

They can ship, or if you’re local you may be able to meet for pick up!





We cannot say enough wonderful things about this small business. Their customer service is exceptional and their products sell themselves. They often package their soaps in cute holiday-specific packaging so you don’t have to!

Rebecca and Jason are genuine people with a love for their animals. They make products with their goat’s milk, but their goats are first and foremost family members! You should see their set up for watching their mamas when they’re about to give birth – it’s impressive!  Follow them on instagram to see the latest happenings on the farm – you’ll be the first to see the new goat kids and to know of new products.  Like we’ve said over and over, you cannot find a better business or family to support!

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